This is a great paddling in the municipality Giske, with opportunities to experience the bird and fish life up close.

The first part goes around the saga island Giske, known for both Giskespelet and Sommerfest. While seaward offers challenges with waves and submerged rocks (but an exciting seabed teeming with life), the leeward opportunities for landfalls and collapsed on one of the white sandy beaches. The tour continues under Giske Bridge and around Valderøya. At the southern end has to constantly eye contact with Aalesund and Ellingsøya. This is also a relatively high traffic skipslei, where one must adapt the journey by express boat quay and larger cruise ships on their way up and down our coast. In the narrow strait between Valderøya and Vigra, Gjøsund, it is easy to go ashore for a dinner break. Some traffic noise from the road. Through GJØSUND gåt trip continues on the north side overlooking the sea and Giske. Here, the sea is fast becoming a bit rough, and it can pay off to paddle a piece out, with waves straight on, instead of getting them from the side. So ring (or 8th century) joined by Giske Bridge. If you are lucky, you get a glimpse of Hurtigruta on the way to Alesund.

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