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Cultural Trail
The Cultural Trail is located on the west side of Valderøy and on a three kilometer long route you can experience many different cultural heritages on both sides of the road.

Sjøfiske og fiske i fjellvann
Fishing for brown trout in Alnesvatnet
at the mountain of Godøy.
Good fishing spots from land and at sea.
February-April: cod fishing
Summer: coalfish

This is a great paddling in the municipality Giske, with opportunities to experience the bird and fish life up close.

There are many excellent cycling routes in Giske.

Six-holed field in Gjøsund, Vigra
Driving range: 200 m
Self Service
Giske Golfklubb
Open all day

Giske Dykkerklubb
Giske Dykkerklubb
Offers air filling and local tips for scuba-diving.