Cultural Trail

The Cultural Trail is located on the west side of Valderøy and on a three kilometer long route you can experience many different cultural heritages on both sides of the road.

You can start by throwing a glance up to the sky or to the hillside, where you might see the majestic white-tailed eagle.
From the way, you can easily go to Hustruhavna, Trollkjelen and Daudmannshola ("The Dead Mans Cave"), Skjonghellaren, Kløyvesteinene or the many stonemade tumului.

You can stop next to the well-known rock "Jens Åleine". Jens is a Norwegian boys name and "Åleine" means Alone. Or, you can stop next to Døsavatnet (a water where women used to wash themselves back in the days).

Follow the sign to Valdervoll where you can park. Here you also find toilets.

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