Large burial place located on the peninsula at Høgstein, from which many interesting items have been recovered. A beautiful historic site with the sea on three sides, burial mound, memorial stones and the picturesque Høgstein lighthouse. Parking is located on the main road.

This is a burial hill which gets its name from Earl Eiliv. Eiliv Earl lived approximately 1500 years after the burial hill was built. Eilif mound is a large mound, she has a breadth of 37 meters and 5 meters high. Mound is made ​​of stone and soil, and then covered with a layer of peat. This means that the pile is not quite like most of the burial hills from the Bronze Age. When one looks at how the mound is built up is believed to be that those who have built mound was talented and had great power. In Eilif mound is a woman buried, she was buried there about. 200 years AD. The woman was decorated with jewelry in gold and silver coatings. This shows that the woman was probably a powerful and wealthy person.

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